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OPEN CALL: Apply for commission of new AR/XR work for the Cosmic Titans exhibition at Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside Arts Nottingham.

The Virtual and Immersive Production Studio and ARTlab Nottingham are inviting artists working in the field of augmented reality and/or immerive technology to produce a new major work related to fundamental research and achievements in quantum technology. Application deadline: 4pm, 22 March 2024
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Inter- and transdisciplinary Research

Establish the theoretical grounding, empirical assessments, and critical reflection for cultivating creative collaborative research.

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Artists-in-Residence Programme

Residences offer art practitioners dedicated time, space, and resources to pursue research and practice embedded in cutting edge science research. 

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ArtScience Incubation Lab

Room for exploration, creation, prototyping, idea generation, discussion, learning, engagement, reflection, inquiry and more.

Engagement events

ArtScience engagement and workshops with young people and local communities embedded in University of Nottingham Science research.

Lakeside Arts building in Nottingham

ARTlab collaborates with Likeside Arts and the Virtual Immersive Production studio for a new major exhibition

Cosmic Titans exhibition 25 Janaury – 27 April 2025.

The ARTlab in collaboration with Lakeside Arts Nottingham is developing a new exhibition, Cosmic Titans that revolves around the concept of blind ways of seeing, where the physics of the universe and black holes stand as poignant examples. These subjects share the common characteristic that they are inherently unobservable — either too small, vast, or distant to experience directly. In both science and art, we find avenues to transcend our limited perception envelope. Ingenious inferences and deductions enable us to perceive beyond our immediate senses, allowing us to envision realities that, while invisible to our eyes, bring us closer to understanding the intricacies of the cosmos. 

The exhibition will feature newly commissioned artworks by the ARTlab’s artists-in-residence as well as public engagement content suitable for all ages.