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The ARTlab Nottingham is currently funding artists-in-residence to work towards the dedicated exhibition Cosmic Titans at the Djanogly Gallery of Lakeside Arts, Nottingham January – April 2025.

Residents include artists Conrad Shawcross, Alistair McClymont, Monica LoCascio, Daniela Brill Estrada and Matthew Woodham. Further artists will be announced shortly.They each join the research group led by Prof Silke Weinfurtner during at least 10 days for reciprocal exchange.

The purpose of this ARTlab residency programme is to enable a creative two-way exchange between artists and scientists resulting in creative responses to research being undertaken in fundamental physics on the one hand, as well as fostering artists-in-residency at the University.

The residency facilitates cross-cultural exchange and fosters collaborative approaches for creative practice and fundamental science research.




Silke Weinfurtner demonstrating experiments in the Gravity Laboratory
Neil Walker, Ulrike Kuchner and Conrad Shawcross in Conrad's studio

The ARTlab’s first artist-in-residence Conrad Shawcross joined University of Nottingham’s Gravity Laboratory (School of Mathematical Sciences) during a 10-day residency in May and June 2023.

20 Nottingham researchers joint in curiosity-driven explorations and experimentations around the research topics of black holes and the very early phase of the Universe.

The ARTlab’s second resident, Alistair McClymont joined the research group in January 2024. The residency is in collaboration with Dr Lina Jansson, Dr Marco Hernandez and Dr Ulrike Kuchner as part of a new experiment that includes research into philosophy of science around topics of experiments, observations and analog simulations, quantum technology and quantum physics.

Alistair will produce original work that will be shown at Djanogly Gallery in 2025 as part of the Cosmic Titans exhibition.

Alistair McClymont in the Gravity Laboratory.